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Basic Hosting - Zitana

Basic Hosting at Zitana

Blazing fast with 100% satisfaction guarantee

  • Always online
  • Up to 16x faster than other providers
  • More than 200 instant apps
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A better website starts with better hosting

Up to 16x faster than competitors

Up to 16x faster page loads

Your website runs up to 16x faster with Zitana than competitors. Good for your visitors and your Google positioning (SEO).

Hosting is protected against hackers

Protected against hackers

Your website is scanned daily for malware and vulnerabilities. Known fixes are applied automatically so that your website is protected against hackers.

More than 200 apps to install such as WordPress, Magento and Drupal

More than 200 instant Apps

A collection of over 200 high-quality applications to choose from. Backup any installed app to a remote location such as Dropbox.

Free SSL certificate for your hosting

Free SSL certificate

Protect your website with a free SSL certificate, improving both security and your Google positioning (SEO).

Your email, always delivered.

Never lose an email again thanks to our redundant email solution and strong email policy (SPF, DKIM & DMARC).

Excellent Support

Excellent Support

We're just a call, tweet or email away. 24/7. Chat with us now.


  • 100% SSD Storage (files & database)
  • Nginx (Reverse Proxy)
  • OPCache
  • Non overloaded servers


  • DirectAdmin control panel
  • Installatron script auto-installer
  • PHP 5.6 & 7
  • MariaDB databases: version 10+
  • phpMyAdmin database manager
  • Perl & Python
  • Apache/Nginx web stack
  • Full mod_rewrite support
  • Zend & Ioncube Loaders
  • Cron jobs
  • Google analytics + webmaster tools compatible
  • Awstats visitor analytics


  • Free SSL Certificate included (https://)
  • Comprehensive Firewall
  • Realtime file scanning for malicious files
  • Automatic patching system for CMS
  • Encrypted DirectAdmin & email access
  • Password protected directories
  • Restrict access by IP
  • ClamAV Antivirus
  • Two-Factor Authentication (TFA)
  • Outgoing email protected with SPF, DKIM & DMARC


  • 7-day history of backups available
  • Easy to restore
  • Stored off-server
  • Backup & restore manager


  • IMAP & POP3
  • Mobile-Friendly Webmail (Roundcube)
  • Secure access
  • Anti-Spam filter (SpamAssassin)
  • Unlimited mailbox size
  • Mailing lists
  • Email forwarding
  • Auto-responders (out-of-office)
  • 1,000 emails/day sending limit (increase possible on request)
  • Up to 25MB attachment size
  • Fallback mailserver - No email gets lost


  • Secure & Standard FTP
  • Remote MySQL connection
  • SSH access available on request

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is website hosting?

    Hosting or web hosting is a service where you receive storage on a server to publish your website to.

  • Are there any catches, hidden fees, term contracts or setup fees?

    No, no, no and no.

  • Is a domain name included?

    Yes! Every hosting plan has a free domain name included, forever.